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Account Manager: Bright Power is looking for an experienced Account Manager to maintain and foster client relationships, broaden our client portfolio, and capitalize on sales opportunities. The Account Manager will be the face of Bright Power for their clients, which means that he or she must be polished, articulate, and organized. We strongly prefer someone with a background in account management, though not necessarily in the energy efficiency space, and experience in property management or a closely related field. Any serious candidate must possess strong sales skills and an ability to explain technical concepts to customers that may not have technical backgrounds. Read the full posting.


Bookkeeper: Bright Power, a leading provider of energy management and renewable energy solutions for multifamily buildings, is looking for an experienced Full Charge Bookkeeper to join our quickly-growing team. We are looking for someone who is dynamic and able to adapt to the fast-paced, exciting atmosphere of a funding-backed, rapidly expanding organization. The Full Charge Bookkeeper should have a strong background using Quickbooks and at least three years of experience managing corporate financials. Read the full posting. 


Building Commissioning Agent: Bright Power is seeking a Commissioning Agent (CxA) to support our work on new and existing building projects. For new construction projects, the candidate will perform all tasks associated with building energy system commissioning, including conducting site visits, pre-functional systems review, functional performance testing, review of OPR and BOD, and writing commissioning plans, specifications, and reports. For existing facility projects, the candidate will perform retro-commissioning in concert with our energy auditing team. Read the full posting.


Data Manager: Is helping the world organize its information better one of your life goals? Would you like to apply your skills and experience in Data Management to help make buildings more efficient? The Data and Analytics division of Bright Power, Inc. is  seeking an energetic person to join our Data team, starting as soon as possible. Read the full posting.


Energy Engineer / Energy Auditor: Bright Power is looking for an experienced energy engineer and auditor to join our Audit & Feasibility team. The position is primarily responsible with overseeing and supporting the evaluation, development, and design of energy efficiency and capital improvement projects (e.g. energy engineering, energy management, and sustainable design). Read the full posting.


Energy Engineer / Energy Auditor (San Francisco/Bay Area)Bright Power is seeking an experienced energy engineer or energy auditor to work on challenging energy and water efficiency projects in multifamily buildings.  The candidate should be very self-motivated, enjoy working with and designing systems, adapt quickly to new technologies, and get a kick out of finding energy and water savings opportunities in the world around them. The candidate will be part of a small but rapidly growing San Francisco Bay Area office, serving our clients who own and manage multifamily properties in the Western half of the United States. Read the full posting.


Energy Engineer / Energy Modeling Specialist: Bright Power is looking for an Energy Engineer specializing in energy modeling for New Construction projects. The primary responsibility of the position will be to use their expertise and energy modeling skills to support the evaluation, development, and implementation of energy efficient designs. Serious candidates should be able to critically evaluate architectural and mechanical plans, and have demonstrated experience with energy modeling for new construction using software including eQuest, Trane Trace, DesignBuilder, or similar. Read the full posting.


Engineering Office Manager: Bright Power is seeking a seasoned and energetic office manager to join our 
engineering team. The Engineering Office Manager’s immediate responsibilities include but are not limited to 
optimizing the functioning of our engineering team, assisting the Vice President and Directors with financial 
assessments, scheduling appointments and tracking government applications, being a force for organization and 
timeliness around the office, and managing administrative staff. The Office Manager has a hand in most aspects of 
operations so as to ensure efficient workflow and office environment. Read the full posting.


Lead Front End Developer: Bright Power is seeking a Lead Front End Developer to join our Software team and play a pivotal role in the design and implementation of its future products.  This is a great opportunity to be part of a young and evolving SaaS B2B product team and to participate in defining the technology roadmap for the company.  You should be independent, flexible, able to tackle new challenges while also being a professional with high standards for quality in development practices. Successful applicants will have extensive experience in client side technologies, but will be grounded in enough server side Java background to handle work on front as well. Read the full posting.


Project Engineer - Energy Project Design & Implementation: Bright Power's engineering team is looking for a Construction Manager with experience in NYC multifamily real estate. The primary responsibilities of the position are focused on the timely, consistent, and organized completion of multiple simultaneous energy projects. Read the full posting.


Project Engineer - On-site Generation & Resiliency: Bright Power's engineering team is looking for a Project Engineer for the On-Site Generation and Resiliency group. The successful candidate will be comfortable in an innovative technical and dynamic regulatory environment. Maximizing our value to the customer will require the imagination to dream big and the discipline to complete projects on time and on budget. Read the full posting.


Salesforce Implementation Expert: Bright Power is looking for an energetic Salesforce Implementation Expert in our NYC Office to help take our Salesforce Org to the next level. You will work closely with various user groups, Salesforce Premier+ Support, and external developers to help design and implement solutions that make company operations more efficient and effective and allow our teams to deliver the highest value possible to our customers. Read the full posting.


Vice President of Engineering / Director - Design & Implementation: Bright Power is looking for an experienced energy project engineer/architect to lead our Design & Implementation team. Fundamentally, this position demands a deep technical understanding of energy using systems in buildings, an ability to conceive viable energy projects based on the input of an energy auditors and your own expertise, and to manage the execution of those energy projects. The successful candidate will work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment with smart people who are ambitious about solving the world’s energy problems one building at a time. Read the full posting.


Internship: Bright Power's interns have a hands-on learning experience in an exciting green company. If you are interested in internship opportunities, please email a cover letter and resume to


Bright Power, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer