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Energy Management

Bright Power is the leading energy management company for multifamily buildings. We build long-term relationships with organizations that own or manage large portfolios of real estate, and look for opportunities to deliver recurring value through a combination of software and services. Below is our five-step process for reducing energy and water usage throughout a portfolio:


1) Benchmark. We start by gathering some basic information and utility bills for all your buildings.  We enter that information into EnergyScoreCards, which compares your buildings to each other and to our entire database. EnergyScoreCards also tracks ongoing performance and generates alerts when your energy usage falls outside of expectations.


2) Energy Audit (Site Survey). We recommend energy audits for your worst performing buildings, which are the ones with the greatest savings potential. The energy audit includes a site visit during which our staff survey the property and perform engineering tests.  We deliver a report which details the cost-effective improvements – such as heating system controls, lighting upgrades, caulking/weatherstripping, water fixture replacement, insulation, etc - and estimated costs and savings.


3) Finance. While we don't currently offer our own financing solution, we do help our clients access available government grants and rebates, as well as matching them up with banks that can provide loans for energy efficiency upgrades.


4) Design and Install Improvements. Bright Power manages the process of implementing the improvements, from writing specifications, to selecting contractors, to making sure that the work is done right.  We also engage with the building staff and occupants to train them in how to properly operate the building systems, and more generally in basic energy saving practices (e.g. turning off lights; unnecessary heating and cooling in unoccupied rooms; reporting leaks; etc.).


5) Measure, Verify & Maintain. In order to achieve ongoing energy savings, the building’s energy use must be tracked and the systems properly maintained. Our EnergyScoreCards platform allows both you and us to evaluate energy performance each month, and to address problems as soon as they arise. 


This proven five-step process is our key to long-term sustainable growth and happy customers.


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Adobe PDF Document Download Energy Benchmarking and Auditing Brochure