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Efficient Heating & Cooling

"I’ve overseen this property in one capacity or another since 2005 and I have not once heard that the boiler may have been oversized by the contractor. Essentially they’ve gone all these years servicing an oversized boiler and we’ve paid them good money to do so - over $32,000 in the last two years. I’d like a true 3rd party opinion on the sizing of the boiler, from a company that doesn’t have any past or future long-term financial gain potential."


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are a substantial portion of your building energy usage. Efficiency improvements, proper use, and regular maintenance can make the greatest difference on your monthly utility bill. Let us help you design it, control it, and use it right.



System Controls & Thermostats: State-of-the-art control technology monitors indoor conditions and adjusts HVAC equipment, saving energy while increasing comfort. From simple digital, programmable thermostats to sophisticated building management systems, we can help you install the system that is right for you.


Heating: Heating systems are often over-sized and inefficient. Futhermore, the devices which control them are sometimes insufficient and often improperly configured. A high-efficiency heating system can substantially reduce fuel usage.



Ventilation: When occupants leave windows open to compensate for inadequate or malfunctioning ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning systems waste energy.


Insulation: Proper insulation helps HVAC systems work efficiently by preventing conditioned air from leaking out of walls, thereby maintaining indoor temperature levels. Insulation can also prevent heat from emanating from water pipes and hot machinery.


Air-Conditioning: As with heating systems, air-conditioning systems are often over-sized and do not cool effectively, consuming excessive amounts of energy.