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Efficient Lighting Design

Bright Power Lighting

Bright Power designs energy-efficient, cost-effective, and attractive lighting solutions for its clients. Some of these simple upgrades may include replacing existing bulbs with more energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, incorporating strategies to make better use of available daylight, or installing lighting controls such as occupancy sensors and timers to prevent unnecessary use.



The best time to consider an efficient lighting design is when you are renovating or building a new space in which you need to install lighting.


The simplest efficiency strategy is to replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs use up to 2/3 less energy, last longer and emit less heat while in use. Bright Power lighting designers will help you find the best fixtures and bulbs for your business, workshop, or home.




SCLP - NYSERDA Small Commercial Lighting Program

Bright Power is an Ally Designer in the New York Energy $martSM NYSERDA Small Commercial Lighting Program (SCLP), which promotes effective, energy-effi cient lighting solutions that result in better lit spaces, allowing occupants to see more easily while also reducing operating costs. SCLP helps lighting contractors, product distributors, lighting designers and spe  cifiers, and other lighting decision-makers design and implement th ese lighting improvements in small commercial spaces. SCLP provides lighting professionals with tools and resources to leverage the principals of effective, energy-efficient lighting design as a profitable business strategy.