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NYC Energy Conservation Code Compliance Services

All NYC construction projects that require DOB permits -  regardless of size and percentage renovation  - now must comply with the NYC Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC) and submit special inspection form TR8.


Bright Power are proud to offer NYCECC compliance services. Since 2004, Bright Power has helped thousands of buildings go above and beyond the energy code to save energy. Now you can trust the energy experts at Bright Power to make sure your buildings satisfy every requirement of the NYCECC.


NYC ECC Services

Our services include:


Design Phase Consulting:

• Line-by-line comparison of design to NYCECC

• Energy Analysis - DOE-2 or Comcheck energy analysis in a format ready to incorporate to plans

• Identification of required inspections on TR8

• Identification of required supporting documents

• Professional statement and sign-off of TR8

• Processing of forms with NYC Deptartment of Buildings


Special Inspections:  Our team can perform all 26 progress and final inspections throughout the construction process in accordance with the rules set forth in the Code (RCNY 5000/TR8), including:


• protection of exposed foundation insulation

• HVAC equipment sizing and performance

• air leakage testing

• lighting and more…


For a free consultation about how NYCECC applies to you, contact:


Andrew McNamara: 212-803-5868 x2002,