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The Bright Power team has expertise in the design, installation and financing of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems, as well as an understanding of market trends, skills in education and outreach and experience with project management. In addition to our full-time staff, the firm has an extended network of consultants and contractors who can be brought into projects as needed.



Jeffrey Perlamn

Jeffrey Perlman, President and Founder

Jeffrey Perlman is the President and Founder of Bright Power. He spends his days solving the most challenging energy problems facing building owners today. An experienced energy auditor, energy analyst and solar-energy-system designer, Jeff is as happy in a boiler room or on a rooftop as he is in a corporate boardroom. Read More


Certifications: CEM, CEA, BPI Multifamily Building Analyst, LEED AP




Andrew McNamara

Andrew McNamara, Vice President, Engineering

Andrew consults with design teams and owners regarding energy-saving opportunities, and works to provide buildings in which energy efficiency, green technology, and solar energy are formed into a comprehensive energy package. On solar projects, he helps our clients understand where and how solar power can be applied, and manages the installation of viable, productive solar systems on their buildings. Read More


Certifications: CEM, CEA, LEED AP BD+C (Building Design + Construction)




Gregory Sherman

Gregory Sherman, Vice President, Western Region

As of January 2015, Greg is spearheading the opening of Bright Power's first satellite office in Oakland, California. In this venture, the day-to-day finds Greg building partnerships with owners, managers, developers, architects, local government agencies and other key stakeholders. Greg is expanding our national presence and helping Bright Power make an even greater impact in the buildings of our West Coast clients. Read More


Certifications: CEM, Existing Buildings Commissioning Professional, BPI Multifamily Building Analyst and LEED EB O+M.




Jon Braman

Jon Braman, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Jon Braman provides technical oversight, team coordination and assistance with incentives to transform energy analysis into energy savings. He develops straightforward ways to communicate complex patterns of building energy use via our energy benchmarking software, EnergyScoreCards™. Jon has published research on green buildings, and is currently an instructor on Green Building Practices at NYU. Read More

Certifications: BPI Multifamily Building Analyst, LEED AP




Conor Laver

Conor Laver, Chief Scientist; Vice President, Data & Analysis

Conor is an astrophysicist who channels his statistics and coding powers to effect rigorous energy analysis in the building science world. He designs and refines our methodology in everything from energy modeling to utility analysis to building population analysis. Conor has a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from UC Berkeley. Read More


Certification: BPI Multifamily Building Analyst




Jon Keck

Jon Keck, Vice President, Software Engineering

Jon is responsible for the software development team at Bright Power, with particular emphasis on the support and enhancement of its flagship software product EnergyScoreCards™. He works closely with the EnergyScoreCards account management team to translate client feedback into tools which help clients understand how to improve both their energy efficiency and their bottom line. Read More




 Steven Aponte, Director of Operations
Steven Aponte, Vice President, Finance & Operations
Steven works to streamline and optimize the intra- and inter-team workflow of the various divisions at Bright Power. He has an M.B.A., in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the NYU School of Business, and a B.A. in Economics, Harvard University. Read More



 Dan Levin, Vice President - Energy Markets
Dan Levin, Vice President, Energy Markets
Dan Levin has a long record of providing energy procurement consulting services to large energy users across the US. Beginning in 1997 with the deregulation of Con Edison, Dan assisted clients in navigating the early phases to deregulation and the many changes that took place over the subsequent years as the markets matured and became more volatile. Dan’s energy consulting career includes seven years with Ernst and Young LP and seven years with his own firm, which was acquired by Bright Power in April 2014. Read More



 Brian Klansky, Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Brian Klansky, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Brian Klansky is responsible for all aspects of sales and marketing at Bright Power. He will continue to expand the company’s footprint by fostering geographic growth and widening the scope of Bright Power's EnergyScoreCards offering. Brian most recently was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at US Energy, a market leading building energy management solutions (BEMS). Read More




Samuel Biele-Fisher

Samuel Biele-Fisher, Account Manager

Samuel helps building owners and managers lower their energy and operations costs by identifying cost-effective solutions to their energy management needs. Working with a range of clients including market-rate developers, affordable and supportive organizations, investment funds and family-owned companies allows Samuel to provide the best approach for each customer. Read More


Mike Brusic

Mike Brusic, Senior Energy Engineer, Cogeneration Specialist

Mike works on the Audits & Feasibility team, performing energy audits, building energy models of residential and commercial facilities, identifying retrocommissioning opportunities, and designing and specifying energy efficiency retrofits. He has also conducted feasibility studies and analysis for combined heat-and-power systems in multifamily and commercial buildings. Read More


Wesley Cronk

Wesley Cronk, Special Assistant to the CEO

Wesley is CEO Jeffrey Perlman's righthand man. From managing schedules and prioritizing daily tasks to administrating the company website and designing presentation materials, he does anything necessary to allow Jeff to focus on leading the Bright Power team. Wesley has a B.S. in Psychology and Sustainability Studies from the University of Florida and a M.A. in Sustainable Development from New York University. Read More

Klaar De Schepper

Klaar De Schepper, Data Manager

Klaar helps New York City building owners comply with Local Law 84, the country's most ambitious effort to benchmark energy consumption in buildings. She optimizes data gathering efforts, streamlines processes, and structures documentation. Klaar has a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Science and Sustainable Development from Columbia University. Read More

Skye Gruen

Skye Gruen, Director of New Construction & Sustainability 

Skye is the leader of our New Construction & Sustainability team. She has completed nearly 15 ASHRAE I audits, 25 ASHRAE II audits, and multiple scopes of work for LL87 Compliance. Skye has two years of solid experience modeling in Equip, TREAT, eQuest, REM/Rate, and TRNSYS, and has more than five years of experience modeling with custom made simulation/modeling programs. Read More


Certifications: BPI Multifamily Building Analyst

Josh Haggarty


Josh Haggarty, Energy Analyst

As an energy analyst on the EnergyScoreCards team, Josh helps clients identify cost-effective strategies that lead to substantial decreases in energy usage and utility spending. Prior to joining Bright power, Josh researched the siting and development of offshore wind farms as an Ocean Engineering undergrad at the University of Rhode Island, where he also earned an M.B.A. that focused on the strategic management of global climate change. Read More

James Hannah


James Hannah, Director of Client Energy Services

As a member of our Business Development team, James Hannah cultivates effective business relationships by spearheading outreach efforts and developing strategic partnerships that are consistent with Bright Power’s strategy.  By offering the full spectrum of Bright Power’s integrated energy solutions, James helps to ensure that clients achieve their financial and sustainability goals. Read More

Karl Haviland

Karl Haviland, Senior Developer

Karl Haviland is a Senior Developer on the software development team, coding primarily on the EnergyScoreCards and Portfolio Manager applications. Though he has worked with various languages, he provides the team Java web and services expertise. His past experiences include running a small web development company, building logistical software for the Department of Defense, and designing software architecture for a large Pennsylvanian insurance firm. Read More

Alex Heckman

Alexander Heckman, Senior Energy Engineer, Ventilation Specialist

Alex works as an energy engineer for our Audits & Feasibility team, applying his knowledge of mechanical systems, energy auditing, and building energy simulations. Alex has over three years of experience of providing energy reduction plans for a wide variety of building types - residential, commercial, and industrial. Read More

Steven Kolberg

Steven Kolberg, Director of Energy Analysts

At Bright Power, Steven takes data, and adds a bit of building science and some clever maths in EnergyScoreCards to create stories that drive efficiency and cost savings in buildings. He works with building owners and managers, non-profits, and financial institutions to filter the flood of information to find actionable data on how to save money, energy, water and time. His technical experience includes large scale benchmarking projects, measurement and verification reporting, best practices for on-going energy and water management and energy auditsRead More


Certifications: BPI Multifamily Building Analyst

Madar Laffir

Madar Laffir, Contracts Coordinator

Madar works on our Operations team as the Contracts Coordinator, he is responsible for subcontractor management, new customer processing, project launch documentation, as well as interacting with Bright Power’s various service providers.Read More

Alex Lowenstein


Alex Lowenstein, Account Manager

As a member of our Business Development team, Alex works directly with building owners and managers to identify and realize their financial and sustainability goals. After years in the field auditing multifamily buildings, Alex brings his knowledge of building science and systems to board rooms and building owners, helping his clients implement creative energy management solutions. Read More


Certifications: BPI Multifamily Building Analyst.

Andrea Mancino


Andrea Mancino, Project Associate

As a member of the New Construction & Sustainability group, Andrea mainly works to rehabilitate affordable housing through Enterprise Green Communities Certification. This includes working with design teams to increase building energy performance through sustainable design; bringing all buildings to an energy performance standard that meets or exceeds ASHRAE 90.1. Andrea reviews plans, performs energy modeling and consults with contractors during construction to assure that buildings are rehabilitated in the most energy efficient manner possible.  Read More


Certifications: BPI Multifamily Building Analyst, BPI Building Analyst and BPI Envelope Professional.


Henry Misas


Henry Misas, Senior Project Engineer, Solar Specialist

Henry works on energy efficiency and renewables projects at Bright Power. He works on designing and implementing solar systems, including photovoltaic arrays and solar thermal hot water heaters. He also works with the Design & Implementation division of Bright Power, drawing upon extensive building science knowledge to integrate cleaner energy systems into the framework of any project. Read More


Certification: BPI Multifamily Building Analyst


Danielle Mullen

Danielle Mullen, Energy Analyst

As an Energy Analyst on the EnergyScoreCards team, Danielle utilizes building data to identify usage anomalies and potential system, behavioral, or process improvement measures in NYC properties. Danielle is a passionate urbanist and has the pleasure of supporting studies for national housing organizations and working in close association with clients, engineers and account managers in order to take the most holistic approach when addressing properties. Before coming to Bright Power, Danielle has spent time working with solar racking and financial technology start-ups in NYC and studying urban infrastructure proposals in Beirut. Read More

Leyna O'Neill

Leyna O'Neill, Marketing Coordinator

Leyna has the opportunity to work across the divisions to make sure Bright Power employees have everything they need to run a smooth operation. Whether it's organizing company events, sending out expense reports or assembling furniture, she has become a jack of all trades in the office. Her diverse background spans everything from teaching to consumer rights reporting, and she is happy to have entered the green community. Read More

Mark Pando

Mark Pando, Energy Engineer

Mark works on the engineering team conducting energy audits, building energy models, and performing retro-commissioning for multifamily buildings. He has more than two years of experience auditing both commercial and multifamily properties in New York City. After studying and designing fuel cell energy systems in engineering school, Mark decided to focus on our most important energy resource – efficiency. Mark has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Read More


Marshall Roshto

Marshall Roshto, Energy Analyst

Marshall is an Energy Analyst with the EnergyScoreCards™ team. He evaluates the energy performance of buildings by analyzing their utility data, ultimately using this information to identify opportunities for the building to undergo energy-efficiency or renewable projects. Additionally, he is highly involved with helping clients comply with New York City’s Local Law 84 energy benchmarking program. Read More


Dave Sachs

Dave Sachs, Director of Audit & Feasibility

Dave runs the Audit & Feasibility team at Bright Power, overseeing over 100 existing building energy audits, retro-commissioning and specialty energy and water-related feasbility studies annually. Dave relies on his experience in building science, energy modeling and construction management to investigate the complexities of buildings. Read More


Certifications: Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Engineer in Training, LEED AP, and BPI Multifamily Building Analyst.


William Scherle

William Scherle, Account Manager, Lighting Project Specialist

As a member of our Business Development team, William has a passion for learning about your building’s current performance and maximizing its potential through the implementation of an energy management plan. By identifying needs of building owners, managers, staff and tenants, William is able to help clients create a healthy, sustainable environment that satisfies their financial and environmental objectives. Read More


Certifications: LEED Green Associate and Certified Energy Auditor (CEA).


Caleb Smeeth

Caleb Smeeth, Energy Analyst

As an Energy Analyst in the EnergyScoreCards team, Caleb works with clients to evaluate their building portfolio, analyze overall energy performance, and identify cost-saving measures that lead to building improvement. Read More


Christopher St. Louis

Christopher St. Louis, Data Specialist

Chris is a Data Specialist on the EnergyScoreCards team, where he works to aggregate, process, and distribute a high volume of utility data. He has an A.A.S. in Information Technology and is currently working to attain his B.S. in the same major. He is also working towards securing his A+, Network +, Security +, and MCTS professional certifications. Read More

Matt Stankiewicz

Matt Stankiewicz, Project Associate

Matt works as an energy auditor and construction manager for our Design & Implementation team. When not in the field, he helps building owners create energy models for Enterprise Green Communities, a program that promotes the incorporation of green design and sustainable practices into the development and rehabilitation of affordable housing. Read More


Certifications: BPI Multfamily Building Analyst, BPI Building Analyst Professional, BPI Building Envelope Professional, Lead RRP-certified


Breen Sullivan

Breen Sullivan, Corporate Counsel

Breen’s responsibilities include counseling Bright Power and its affiliates on transactions, litigation and dispute management and resolution, corporate governance and compliance, risk management, employment issues, and intellectual property issues.


She is a member of the New York State and City Bar Associations, the National Association of Women Lawyers, and the Association of Corporate Counsel.

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Veronica Thomas

Veronica Thomas, Data Manager

Veronica works on the EnergyScoreCards team to benchmark buildings and find waste, and is passionate about ending the scourge of inefficiency. She helps clients with buildings all across the country analyze large amounts of data to find the best opportunities for reducing energy and cost. Read More


Certification: LEED AP

Nick Turchal

Nick Turchak, Product Manager

Nick Turchak is a software product and sustainability enthusiast originally from Kyiv, Ukraine. He holds a telecom engineering degree from National Aviation University in Kyiv and, most recently, a Sustainability Management M.S. from Columbia University. Before deciding to transition his career to building energy, Nick's background was in building complex software services and solutions for the digital media industry.  Read More


Phil Vos

Phil Vos, Sales Operations Lead

Phil performs outreach to companies and trade groups interested in Bright Power's services, with a particular focus on New York City's benchmarking and auditing requirements. His prior credentials include work with the NY Wa$teMatch industrial materials exchange program and NY Industrial & Technical Assistance Corp. (ITAC). Read More


Certifications: BPI Multifamily Building Analyst

Ben Wallack

Ben Wallack, Procurement Manager

Ben helps energy procurement clients keep utility costs as low as possible. He provides them with an array of advisory services across a number of industry sectors, including commercial and residential real estate, supermarkets, financial institutions, nonprofits and pharmaceuticals. With the 2014 launch of the Bulk Energy Procurement Initiative, Ben has ensured the programs success by serving as a lead in operations and sales.Read More

Sam Weisenberg

Sam Weisenberg, Director - Energy Management Services

Sam works on troubleshooting, optimization, and design of steam and hot water heating systems. Read More


Certification: Certified Building Commissioning Professional, BPI Multifamily Building Analyst

Colleen Woodson


Colleen Woodson, Deputy Director of Energy Analysts 

Colleen works on the EnergyScoreCards team, providing technical analysis and quality assurance to clients, evaluating energy performance of buildings and retrofits, and identifying opportunities for clients to pursue energy-efficiency or renewable projects. Among her projects is EnergyScoreCards Minnesota, a pilot program offering free benchmarking services to multifamily buildings in Minnesota. Read more.


Bright Power's interns have a hands-on learning experience in an exciting green company. If you are interested in Internship opportunities, please email a cover letter and resume to jobs@brightpower.comRead More



Network of Consultants

Bright Power, Inc. has a skilled and experienced network of consultants and contractors who can be brought into projects as needed, including: architects, business & technology experts, designers, economists, educators, engineers, policy experts, and a variety of tradespeople including electricians, HVAC contractors, and insulation contractors.

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