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Water Conservation and Frontage Conversion

Save at least 10% on water costs with no up front costs through Bright Power's Water Conservation Program.


Water conservation measures tend to be among the best investments a multi-family properties can make.  Between leaks, inefficient fixtures and sub-optimal billing structures, significant savings with short payback periods can be obtained.


Whether you're billed on a metered or frontage rate, Bright Power provides analysis and installation at no cost, receiving payment out of savings.  This ensures you never pay more than you've saved and will benefit from our program.


Our Water Conservation Program services include:

  • Water Billing and Consumption Analysis - Bright Power reviews your water usage and basic property information to assess the potential savings from implementation of a water conservation strategy.
  • Water Audit and Retrofit - If Bright Power identifies cost-saving opportunity, we visit your property for a water assessment, and implement water-conservation measures at no cost, billing subsequently based on savings.
  • Leak and Consumption Monitoring - Increases in consumption and leaks are always a concern for building owners and can add up to large costs.  Given that most properties are billed on a monthly or quarterly basis for water, issues can go undetected for long periods of time.  Bright Power offers a higher-frequency of monitoring, ensuring no unpleasant surprises when your bill arrives.


By aligning our payments with your savings, Bright Power is only compensated if you save money on water.  This ensures our incentives are aligned and we take an active role in reducing your water costs.   We look forward to helping you pay less for water.


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