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Bright Power provides practical energy management and solar energy solutions that save building owners energy, money and time. We focus on multifamily residential buildings, enabling them to reduce waste, improve cash flow, achieve energy law compliance and make building occupants more comfortable. Clients include building owners, management companies, developers, contractors, architects, governments and utility companies.

Our services include: energy benchmarking  using our EnergyScoreCardssoftware, energy audits, financial and technical feasibility analysis, energy management, grant & rebate assistance, green building (LEED®) consulting and trainings for professionals and building managers. Our design and installation services include: solar electricity and solar thermal systems; heating, cooling & HVAC systems; lighting design; construction management and commissioning.



Introducing The Resilient Power Hub!


The Resilient Power Hub is an on-site energy generation solution that integrates solar photovoltaic energy storage and co-generation technologies to provide power resiliency that pays for itself over time. The Resilient Power Hub reduces bulidings' energy costs by offsetting electric and gas energy consumption. In addition, the solution is capable of providing back-up power to a set of critical building loads such as elevators, pumps, lighting and telecommunication devices, thereby protecting them from utility grid disruptions.




Want to learn more about how Bright Power can help you reduce energy usage, lower utility costs, and improve tenant comfort in your building(s)? Give us a call at (212) 803-5868 or send us an email through the link below and one of our dedicated Account Managers will be in touch shortly. 

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